Bioscan BioFLECT™ 400 by Bioscan Inc.

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Bioscan BioFLECT™ 400
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The new Bioscan BioFLECT 400 is the first in vivo optical imaging system offering true 360° fluorescence tomography. BioFLECT uses the photon emission data acquired from 360° and a state-of-the-art 3D reconstruction engine to quantitatively reconstruct the 3D spatial distribution of fluorescent probes in live animals. This approach yields superior, consistent resolution, sensitivity and quantitation throughout the subject. The impact for researchers is breakthrough optical imaging performance that can yield truly differentiated research results.

BioFLECT 400 comes equipped with 4 standard laser and emission filter combinations. Researchers can select up to 8 additional lasers (for a maximum of 12), and up to 12 additional emission filters (for a maximum of 16), to image their preferred probes. Whether you image below 500 nm, above 700 nm, or somewhere in between, BioFLECT 400 can achieve your research objectives. BioFLECT 400 also supports emerging probes in the near-infrared spectrum with available lasers well into the 800 nm range for improved attenuation characteristics and even a 980 nm laser for use with up-converting fluorophores. Available filters can enable detection of emissions approaching 900 nm.

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