BiOS™ - Automated storage system for sensitive biological samples at temperatures down to -80°C

Manufacturer Hamilton Company

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BiOS™ is an automated storage system specifically designed for storage of sensitive biological samples at temperatures down to -80°C. This system is capable of ensuring the integrity of 250,000 to more than 10 million sample tubes.

BiOS delivers the utmost in temperature stability, flexibility, reliability, sample tracking, and security required for biobanking, research operations, and forensic applications.

BiOS provides excellent temperature stability for maximum sample integrity:
• Lid-covered chest freezer compartments
• Ultra-low temperature tube picker (patent pending) minimizes sample warming events during processing and defragmentation

BiOS is a flexible solution:
• Capable of storing a wide variety of labware in one system
• The ultra-low picker is capable of processing a wide range of labware without the need for any mechanical changes
• The capacity of BiOS can be scaled according to the specific storage needs of the customer
• The system can be expanded in the field without effecting the samples

BiOS is a reliable system:
• Robotic components are located in a -20°C environment for reliability and serviceability