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BiopharmaLynx™ automates the processing and interpretation of biopharmaceutical product LC/MS data, enabling you to characterize your products.

Developed with biopharmaceutical thought leaders for confident characterization and optimized workflow, BiopharmaLynx™ leverages Waters' leading protein informatics expertise. Determine the identity, purity and stability of biopharmaceuticals, working with either peptide maps or intact proteins.

BiopharmaLynx Features:

  • Automatically process your accurate mass MS data, including peptide map results and intact mass measurements.
  • Automatically analyze and assign results, define the sequence and features of known proteins and determine the identity of modified forms.
  • Allow your users to edit assignments, annotate new peaks and compare experimental samples with a reference using visualization and tabular tools.
  • Automatically generate biopharmaceutical-specific reports from templates.
  • Identify and quantify ions in a peptide map, including intra- and inter-sample relative quantitation.
  • Assign ions to expected and modified peptides from a defined protein sequence, determining sequence coverage and ID-modified peptides.
  • Define deconvolution settings for known proteins and as generic for unknown proteins.
  • Annotate deconvoluted mass data with protein identities and their modifications.
  • Automatically calculate percentages of each protein variant.

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