Biopharmaceutical System Solution with UNIFI by Waters

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Biopharmaceutical System Solution with UNIFI

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UPLC/MS characterization for GxP environments

For biopharmaceutical organizations challenged to deploy high-resolution analytics across the development process, Waters has designed the ultimate system for your lab's future.

The Waters Biopharmaceutical System Solution with UNIFI integrates robust UPLC/MS characterization technology with comprehensive software. This is an application-focused platform that captures complex and comprehensive mass spectrometry and chromatography data, in conjunction with next-generation bioinformatics and GxP data management capabilities.

The system enables a biopharmaceutical laboratory to comprehensively acquire, process, and share LC/MS characterization data throughout a biotherapeutic’s lifecycle. It unites all aspects of biotherapeutic analyses and workflows, and enables results to be can readily be shared from discovery to development to GxP quality control laboratories.

Whether you undertake advanced investigative work or execute routine methods, the Biopharmaceutical System Solution with UNIFI increases confidence in intact protein and peptide mapping results – confidence that you have obtained the best results for development decisions, and confidence that you have acquired the information necessary to respond to regulatory challenges.

At the heart of this unique platform is our new UNIFI Scientific Information System: 

  •  UNIFI is the first software to merge LC and MS data in a single solution that encompasses bioinformatics data processing, visualization, reporting, and configurable compliance tools 
  •  It enables labs to collaboratively work with a common backbone of analytical results independent of lab function 
  •  UNIFI's data mining and comparison capabilities enhance your ability to understand results with an unparalleled ability to aggregate and manage information

The Waters Biopharmaceutical Platform includes: 
  •  ACQUITY UPLC H-Class Bio System, featuring a bio-inert flow path and quaternary solvent management with AutoBlend Plus Technology, for flexibility in executing high-resolution bioseparations; also available with ACQUITY UPLC H-Class 
  •  Waters Peptide and Protein Separation Technology Columns, engineered with the selectivity to leverage the characteristics of biomolecules and QC-tested to ensure consistent results over the lifetime of your product 
  •  Xevo G2 Tof Mass Spectrometer, for the most sensitive exact-mass quantitative and qualitative MS, in a benchtop system designed with Engineered Simplicity 
  •  UNIFI Scientific Information System, an interactive workflow-driven data platform for flexible instrument control, advanced data processing and mining, and comprehensive reporting, with GxP laboratory compatibility that enables routine deployment throughout your organization