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BioMark™ HD System

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The BioMark™ HD System stands alone in the world of analytical instrumentation as a multi-application platform without compromise—providing high quality results for every experimental approach.

Today’s biological research requires a systems approach and the BioMark HD System now has even greater impact on your understanding of your biological system by producing high quality data from RNA, miRNA, DNA, and proteins. Leading this biological insight is the system’s proven and published capabilities to uncover gene expression at the single-cell level.

The BioMark™ HD System provides you with the ability to use a wide variety of sample types, multiple chemistry choices, and an industry leading degree of flexibility with no compromise in performance. The system offers unparalleled throughput for real-time PCR and digital PCR, integrating thermal cycling and fluorescence detection on integrated fluidic circuits (IFCs).

With a Fluidigm Dynamic Array IFC, high-throughput multiplexing is easy. The microfluidic architecture does the work of combining samples and primer-probe sets into 9,216 simultaneous PCR reactions. That's 24-fold more data than that produced by a 384-well plate. This radical advance in experimental density is fully leveraged through a hardware/software system that automates setup and ata anylsis.

The Fluidigm Digital PCR software includes features specific to digital PCR, including: Real-time digital PCR specificity analysis; Multiplex capability using reporter dyes; Copy number variation using statistical correction; End-point analysis.

BioMark™ HD System Features & Benefits:

  • Use as Little as 10 Picograms of Starting Material - Profile populations or single cells.
  • Maximize Reproducability - Integrate results with inter0 and intra-chip correlation of 0.99.
  • Enable Discovery - Profile hundreds of genes from a single cell with ultra-high sensitivity.
  • Increased Number of Reactions - Perform 9,216 reactions in as little as 30 minutes.
  • Reduce Error - Reduce pipetting error by up to 99% without the use of robotics.
  • Save Time and Money - Perform more experiments at 10x less cost per data point.
  • Achieve more Flexibility - Change on-chip assay and sample configuration easily.
  • Use Various Reagents - Use a number of commercially available assays and DNA binding dyes.
  • Expand your Design - Run more samples, assays and genes than ever before.

BioMark™ HD System Applications:

  • Gene Expression
  • Single-Cell Gene Expression
  • SNP Genotyping
  • Protein Expression
  • Digital PCR
  • Copy Number Variation
  • Sample Quantification for Sequencing

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