BioLogic Maximizer Valve System by Bio-Rad

Manufacturer Bio-Rad

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BioLogic Maximizer Valve System

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The BioLogic Maximizer Valve System expands the capabilities of BioLogic DuoFlow systems. Adding the modular BioLogic Maximizer component enables buffer blending and doubles the flow rates and valve capacity of the standard BioLogic DuoFlow system. It automatically blends up to four stock solutions to the right pH and salt concentration, and it compensates for changes in ionic strength and temperature during the run.

The BioLogic Maximizer valve system is compatible with any existing BioLogic DuoFlow system, and it is a component of the BioLogic DuoFlow Maximizer and BioLogic DuoFlow Pathfinder chromatography systems.

The BioLogic Maximizer Valve System allows
• Buffer blending of up to 4 stock solutions, producing a defined pH or salt concentration
• Automation of pH scouting experiments through multiple unattended runs, each at a different buffer pH or salt concentration
• Higher flow rates, which enable running the larger columns required for pilot scale-up studies
• Control valves (6 low-pressure and 6 high-pressure) for more sample-handling versatility
• A 12 ml mixer barrel extender for the large dynamic mixer, to accommodate 80 ml/min flow rates