BioLogic LP System

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The BioLogic LP Low-Pressure Chromatography System is used for biomolecule purification. Its compact design minimizes the workspace required in the coldroom or on the laboratory bench. The system includes both 254 and 280 nm filters for nucleic acid and protein detection, and a conductivity cell to monitor gradient progress.

The system houses a peristaltic pump with a flow rate range of 0.05–40 ml/min (20 ml/min per channel; dual-channel peristaltic pump) and maximum backpressure of 30 psi (0.2 MPa); the system is compatible with Econo-Column low-pressure chromatography columns, UNOsphere, Bio-Gel P, and Macro-Prep chromatography media, Bio-Scale Mini and Econo-Pac cartridges, Amersham HiTrap cartridges, SOURCE media, and all other low-pressure chromatography media. Addition of an SV-5 buffer select valve allows selection of up to 5 buffers and automated sample separation and loading of large sample volumes.

The system can collect into eighty 13 x 100 mm tubes or microtubes using the Model 2110 fraction collector, or collect into virtually any size container, from microplates to carboys, using the BioFrac fraction collector. In addition, the BioLogic LP system supports the use of many collectors from other manufacturers.