Bioline Purification Systems by KNAUER - HPLC, SMB, Osmometry

Bioline Purification Systems by KNAUER - HPLC, SMB, Osmometry product image
Bioline Purification Systems

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How do you speed up your biochromatography tasks?

If your answer is “up-scaling” or “introducing additional systems”, you should read further.

KNAUER Bioline systems can speed up and simplify all common types of biochromatography techniques such as size exclusion, ion exchange or affinity chromatography. Significantly higher resolution and speed is made possible through pressure resistant glass columns (up to 100 bar) and specially reinforced agarose-based high performance separation media.

The systems are highly modular, allowing a multitude of system solutions. The integrated online degassing unit provides for high reproducible LC results. All wetted materials are biocompatible. The robust high resolution glass columns feature an optimized design with axial compression, which make column filling easy and much faster than with conventional procedures.

Bioline LC systems also save valuable laboratory space and operating costs, because of their unique benchtop cooling feature, which allows running the system in standard room temperature environments.

The picture shows the Bioline Protein Purification System with column rack, and a set of Bioline HR glass columns. The LC system features gradient-capable solvent delivery (flow rates: 0.05 - 50 ml/min), piston seal wash, an integrated degasser, a UV detector, a conductivity/pH monitor, flexible automatic column switching and fraction collection.