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DASGIP BioLector is a new bench top, micro fermentation system performing up 96 fermentations with online monitoring of the most common process parameters. Continuous and powerful shaking from experiment start to end, even during the optical measurements, support aerobic cultures perfectly. Standard microtiter plate formats and non-invasive optical sensors, enable real time monitored fermentations in a highly parallel way.
  • Superior Fermentation Solution at Micro Scale
  • Working volumes of 50 - 1000μL
  • 24 - 96 parallel micro fermentations
  • No foaming problems
  • kLa values > 500 1/h
  • Continuous gas exchange and oxygen supply
  • Equal power input to each reactor
  • Defined engineering parameters and scalability


  • Screening, Media Optimization, HT Protein
    Expression and Automation
  • Growth activity test
  • Protein building kinetics
  • Enzyme activity test
  • Media optimization
  • Systems biology
  • Functional genomic and proteomic studies
  • HT protein expression
  • Inhibition and toxicity tests
  • Quality control