BioJet Ultra Piezo System

Manufacturer BioDot Inc.

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BioJet Ultra Piezo System is a non-contact liquid handling and spotting system utilizing a proprietary drop on demand technology. The unique approach of the Ultra has the piezo element separated from the dispensing capillary, allowing the use of a low-cost capillary compared to other piezo dispensing systems. The BioJet Ultra dispenser works over a wide dynamic volume range; from Single Drop (50 pL to 1.0 nL) to Multidrops (up to 1 μL) with CV’s less than 2%. Unlike other piezo dispensing approaches, a wide range of reagent types (e.g. aqueous, organic, cells) as well as high viscosity reagents (e.g. 50-75% glycerol/water), can be both aspirated and dispensed due to the unique design of the BioJet Ultra Piezo dispenser. Depending on the application, the Ultra dispenser can be configured in a “Batch” or “In Line system” arrangement.