Safe-Cone filters by Sartorius Group

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Safe-Cone filters
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The unique and replaceable polyethylene (PE) Safe-Cone Filters act as a final barrier to prevent any fluids and liquid vapours from reaching the internal components of the pipette.

The Safe-Cone Filter:

  • Protects the pipette and the sample from contamination
  • Prolongs the pipette’s lifetime
  • Reduces maintenance intervals of the pipette
  • Is cost-effective

Self-sealing Plus Filters are meant for applications such as radioactive work, cell culture, bacterial and virological work and molecular biology.

Standard Safe-Cone Filters are for general applications. They can be used in same type of work as the Plus filter is recommended for, but need to be changed more frequently.

The interval of changing the filter depends on the application and the sample. However, according to studies, the filter should be changed daily (or after 50 to 250 pipettings) and immediately in case of over-aspiration.

To ensure safety of the user, forceps should be used to change the filter. The mLINE® pipettes also feature a built-in filter ejector. In addition, the tip cone should be cleaned with ethanol (70%) prior to assembling a new filter.