Biohit Proline XL by Sartorius Group

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Biohit Proline XL

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Biohit Proline XL - In addition to being a pipette controller for 1-25 ml serological pipettes, the Biohit Proline XL can be used as an electronic pipettor and dispenser with 5 and 10 ml disposable tips.

The Biohit Proline XL can be easily programmed for exact operations with either of the buttons acting as a trigger to start the operation. For example, the Biohit Proline XL can be programmed to automatically dispense 10 x 1 ml to fill a cell culture plate, which saves time and eliminates the need for visual control of the pipetting event. Moreover, the results are always reproducible.

Features of the Biohit Proline XL include:

• A pipettor and a dispenser
• Different kinds of tips/pipettes can be used by simply changing the adapter
• No need for visual control
• Both left and right handed
• Can be used both as a microprocessor-controlled or manually-operated pipetting controller
• Can be programmed for a certain volume range to prevent overflow with small pipettes/tips
• Hydrophobic autoclavable filter prevents over aspiration
• CE marked
• 2-year warranty