Biohit Proline® Multi-Channel Electronic Pipettors

Manufacturer Sartorius Group
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Biohit Proline® multi-channel electronic pipettors - Single-channel, 8- and 12-channel 0.2-10µl electronic pipettors with pipetting, reverse pipetting, dispensing and diluting functions.

Biohit Proline® multi-channel electronic pipettors, 4-, 8- or 12-channel versions have all features of the single-channel units. Additional features of the Biohit Proline® multi-channel electronic pipettors include: 

  • Dispensing head rotates for optimum pipetting convenience
  • Individual piston/tip cone assemblies allow easy repair and maintenance
  • Multichannel pipettors are designed for fast and accurate liquid handling for microplates. Especially for those handling large assay series, the 8-channel dispenser represents the most effective tool. It can dispense 100 µl across all 96 wells of a microplate in less than 10 seconds.