Biohit mLINE® Multi-Channel Pipettes

Manufacturer Sartorius Group
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Rating: 3.7

"Can use these pipettes with Eppendorf tips which is nice. The filters in the nose are helpful for preventing polymer solutions from coating inside the tip. The pipettes are delicate and can break easily."

Review date: 21 Mar 2012 | Biohit mLINE® Multi-Channel Pipettes

Manufacturer's Response

"Although our pipettes can be used with a universal tip, we recommend using our brand of tips for our pipettes for optimal use, accuracy and precision. We also carry a full line of safety space filter tips that can be used instead of the nose cone filter. SafetySpace Filter Tips have more space between the sample and the filter than conventional filter tips. With SafetySpace Filter Tips you do not need to worry about the sample touching the filter whatever pipetting technique or type of liquid you’re using. This helps protect against the risk of cross-contamination and reduces maintenance requirements of the pipette.
Best Regards, Heather Hall"

Biohit mLINE multi-channel pipettors offer a unique combination of novel and patented features in an attractive design. mLINE pipettors ensure pipetting always starts with constant force regardless of the volume. The mLINE multi-channel pipettors cover a range of 0.5 – 300 µl.

Enjoy your work. With mLINE pipettors you can.

  • Lowest pipetting forces on the market
  • Consistent results even in long pipetting series
  • Light weight
  • Volume locking button to prevent accidental volume change
  • Optiload tip loading for perfect tip sealing and effortless tip ejection
  • Safe-Cone Filters protect your pipettor and sample
  • 3-year warranty
  • CE/IVD marked

The mLINE pipettor is the best choice for mechanical pipetting. mLINE is comfortable to use hour after hour, day after day - without the risk of strains.

Recommended by Health & Safety Officers!