Biohit Biofiller by Sartorius Group

Manufacturer Sartorius Group

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Biohit Biofiller

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Biohit's Biofiller is a uniquely designed, lightweight and easy-to-use  pipette filler with an ultra-squeezable bulb to provide smooth,  manual pipetting control in both aspirating and dispensing, using 1 ml to 100 ml pipettes.

To operate the Biofiller simply squeeze the large silicone bulb, and the thumb lever  controls both the aspirating and dispensing modes, with a  button to blow-out residual contents of pipette if required.

Features of the Biofiller include:

  • Comfortable and simple to use
  • Precise pipetting control
  • Robust and lightweight
  • Large capacity bulb
  • Compatible with blow-out pipettes
  • Simple thumb button operation
  • Uses integral 0.45 µm, replaceable membrane filter to ensure liquid is not accidentally drawn into the unit
  • Autoclavable silicone pipette holder
  • 2-year warranty