BioFrac Fraction Collector by Bio-Rad

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BioFrac Fraction Collector

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The BioFrac fraction collector is ideal for analytical and preparative chromatography applications, and provides sophisticated collection control options. Easy to program, the BioFrac fraction collector can be used for basic or complex fraction collection schemes at flow rates <100 ml/min. Available as a stand-alone fraction collector or as the perfect companion for Bio-Rad's BioLogic DuoFlow and BioLogic LP chromatography systems, the BioFrac fraction collector provides reliable and accurate collection. The BioFrac offers flexibility with numerous collection rack options, including both custom and off-the-shelf collection racks. The custom racks provide a wide range of collection capability, from drops to liters. Off-the-shelf racks extend the versatility of collection schemes as well as provide cost-effective storage of samples. Off-the-shelf racks are autoclavable, can be easily assembled, and lie flat, using little storage space. The BioFrac fraction collector can collect into a variety of vessels that range from microplates to bottles and carboys. Key features include:

  • Collection in time or drop mode (or volume mode when connected to a BioLogic DuoFlow system, BioLogic LP system, or Model EP-1 Econo pump)
  • Collection of peaks by peak detection, time windows (up to 20), or a combination of both
  • Drop arm movement in an X,Y motion over each collection vessel; column or row pattern option available for microplates or Titertube tubes
  • Dispenser arm is manually adjustable to tube heights <150 mm
  • A diverter valve for flow diversion and to minimize spillage during tube and rack changes
  • Numerous off-the-shelf racks to accommodate tubes (12–20 mm diameter), Eppendorf or other microtubes (0.5, 1.5, or 2.0 ml), or scintillation vials
  • Optional prep adaptor with up to 20 collection ports for collection from bottles to carboys
  • Optional ice bath/microplate rack with tube grips that hold tubes firmly in any position; ice bath rack allows cooling of 13 mm tubes or serves as a rack for microplates and Titertube tubes that adhere to SBS standards for microplates
  • Multirun feature allows overlays of fractions
  • Highly reliable, quiet, problem-free operation with minimal maintenance requirements
  • Pause, Advance, End, and Divert/waste toggle soft keys that allow immediate changes during a run
  • Compatibility with BioLogic DuoFlow software version 4.0

    The ice bath/microplate rack is used to collect fractions in chilled test tubes or up to 4 standard microplates. Off-the-shelf racks provide added value with ease of storage. The prep adaptor rack is used for preparative fractionation into 1–20 collection vessels of any size.

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BioFrac Fraction Collector by Bio-Rad product image

BioFrac Fraction Collector

Manufacturer Bio-Rad

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