BioFox® agarose separation media and pre-packed columns

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When did you last wish for a faster LC purification of your protein?
Resolution and speed are crucial in modern FPLC methods used for the purification of proteins and other biomolecules. The BioFox separation materials from KNAUER have been developed with this goal. Based on an agarose matrix using a special cross-linking method, all BioFox separation media are highly physically stable and pressure resistant up to 40 bar (580 psi). This makes them well-suited for new and faster packing techniques resulting in a higher bed quality. Using such columns, separation results can be enhanced in terms of speed or resolution compared to classical natural and synthetic agarose-based columns.

How scalable are BioFox media and what can they be used for?
Almost all BioFox media are available in two particle sizes (17 and 40 µm). The following techniques are supported for first screening, preparative, and bioprocess scale separations of proteins:

• Size exclusion chromatography (SEC)
• Cation and anion exchange chromatography (IEC)
• Immobilized metal-ion affinity chromatography (IMAC)
• Activated media for preparative and bioprocess scale affinity chromatography (AC)

BioFox media are available as bulk material and in pre-packed glass columns.

How can glass columns be self-packed?
Best results can be achieved if the BioFox media are combined with the KNAUER Bioline HR glass columns, which have also been optimized for higher operating pressures compared to standard glass columns. Bioline HR columns allow for a remarkably fast packing of the BioFox media. These columns also feature a thermostatting jacket applicable for temperatures between 4 °C and 60 °C.

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BioFox® agarose separation media and pre-packed columns

Manufacturer KNAUER - HPLC, SMB, Osmometry

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