BioFlux 200 by Fluxion Biosciences

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BioFlux 200
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BioFlux provides a fully integrated solution for running biologically relevant cellular assays under shear flow. The system utilizes Fluxion's Well Plate Microfluidics™ (WPM) to provide high content results from a convenient well-plate format. Precise control over shear flow enables a wide variety of cellular and microbiology applications which call for vascular emulation, mechanical stress, compound/buffer exchange and high content analysis.

BioFlux enables a wide variety of cell-based assays in the fields of immunology, vascular biology, microbiology, cancer research, stem cells, and more. Many of these applications benefit from the ability to create a physiologically-relevant shear flow profile, such as platelet adhesion, cell adhesion, rolling velocity, transmigration, and stem cell differentiation. Other applications benefit from the ability to introduce compounds and gradients in a time-resolved manner, such as wound healing, chemotaxis, pharmacology and neurite-outgrowth assays.

The BioFlux 200 System comes with all of the necessary hardware and software to start running shear flow assays with an existing inverted microscope. Comes with controller, pressure interface, software, and accessories. Works with BioFlux Plates, which are microfluidic well plate devices for flow assays.