BioFlo 310 Fermentor by Eppendorf

Manufacturer Eppendorf

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BioFlo 310 Fermentor

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BioFlo 310  Benchtop Autoclavable
Fermentor & Bioreactor System

Fermentors: 2.5 - 14 Liters Total Volume.
Cell Culture: 2.2 - 14 Liters Total Volume.

The BioFlo 310 benchtop fermentor - bioreactor is a vesatile tool for culturing a wide range of microorganisms, including bacteria, yeast, algae, plant and fungi; and can culture mammalian and insect cultures with the addition of optional accessories. The compact, cGMP-compliant system is available with four interchangeable vessels, 2.5 - 14L, and built-in control of 32 parameters each, in one to four vessels. Over 120 parameters total! 

Powerful System Has it All

  • Compact design maximizes bench space.
  • cGMP-compliant to meet your requirements in research through production.
  • Batch, fed-batch & continuous modes for growing virtually any microbe, yeast or fungi
  • Can be adapted for growing mammalian, insect and plant cell lines with use of optional accessories. (Or, for a dedicated cell culture system, see the CelliGen 310 Bioreactor)
  • Fully-integrated system is ready for out-of-the box startup. Includes a Master Control Station with built-in controller, touchscreen monitor, pumps and thermal mass flow controller with 4-gas control. Vessel, pH/DO and level/foam probes, hoses, sterile sampler & more are included.

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BioFlo 310 Fermentor by Eppendorf product image

BioFlo 310 Fermentor

Manufacturer Eppendorf

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