BioFlo 110 Laboratory Fermentor - Bioreactor by Eppendorf

Manufacturer Eppendorf
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BioFlo 110 Laboratory Fermentor - Bioreactor by Eppendorf product image
BioFlo 110 Laboratory Fermentor - Bioreactor

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The Most Intelligent Modular Fermentor on Earth. With the BioFlo 110, New Brunswick Scientific expands the fermentation universe.

Every configuration of this autoclavable fermentation and cell culture system - from modest entry point to fully loaded - is built around a controller so intelligent that using it takes little more than common sense. Add exceptional power and cost-effectiveness, and the BioFlo110 is not just the smartest choice, but very probably only choice. Meet the mind behind the machine.

We've done some ordinary things in extraordinary ways:

  • Self-illuminated display provides bright text and graphics
  • Removable plug at the end of the sparge ring facilitates cleaning
  • O-ring at the bottom - not the top - of each port prevents contamination from reaching the vessel
  • Heat blankets with two large cut-outs and a reflective white inner surface make it easy to view the culture
  • Slip-on motor self-aligns with drive shaft. No pre-alignment needed
  • Complete vessel assemblies include correctly-sized rotameters
  • Dished-bottom vessels have no mixing dead zones, even at low agitation speeds pH and DO probes can be adjusted to any immersion length
  • Controller changes from "e;Fermentation"e; to "e;Cell Culture"e; mode with a single touch
  • Original factory settings can be easily called up
  • Optional foam trap keeps exhaust filters dry and free-flowing

Advanced Features.

  • User can select P-I-D or adjustable dead-band control for pH

  • Adjustable P-I-D values for pH and Dissolved Oxygen

  • One Primary Control Unit controls up to four vessels

  • Built-in PCU floppy-drive makes future firmware upgrades "e;do-it-yourself"e; simple

  • Computer-ready with built-in BioCommand and Modbus serial protocols

  • Clean, reliable surface seals provided in direct drive agitation systems

  • Optional magnetic drives for critical cell culture applications

  • Choose temperature control via water-jacketed vessels or heat blanket

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BioFlo 110 Laboratory Fermentor - Bioreactor by Eppendorf product image

BioFlo 110 Laboratory Fermentor - Bioreactor

Manufacturer Eppendorf

3.7 / 5.0 | 1 reviews