UVP BioDoc-It®2 Imaging System by Analytik Jena US

Manufacturer Analytik Jena US  |  Available Worldwide

UVP BioDoc-It®2 Imaging System by Analytik Jena US product image
UVP BioDoc-It®2 Imaging System
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UVP BioDoc-It2 Systems provide budget friendly gel imaging. Capture, preview and save gel images with user-friendly features that enable fast, easy to use gel documentation for fluorescent and colorimetric imaging.
The systems allow users to perform image capture functions with a touch of the screen. The simple design is excellent for multiple user laboratories. An external computer is not required; though network connectivity is possible for transfer of images directly to your computer.
Base UV lighting options include 1 UV (302nm) or Analytik Jena’s patented, 3UV™ (254/302/365nm) technology. Transilluminator sizes range from 21x26cm to 25x26cm. Overhead white lighting is included, with optional UV and blue light.
Analytik Jena’s specializes in customer service and support. A two-year manufacturer warranty is included with this system. Analytik Jena’s dedicated support teams are always available for customized technical and application support. 
  • New 5.0 MP camera with an f/1.2 zoom lens for fast and sensitive capture.
  • Gel tools included: gel tray, cutter and ruler.
  • Automatation using VisionWorks® touch screen software.
  • Integrated 10 inch touch screen tablet.
  • 2 position filter selector
  • Additional accesories: LED White Light Plate: for white light transillumination applications such as Coomassie Blue, Silver stains and others. Visi-Blue converter plate: for blue light gels, converts UV to 460-470 nm.
  • Gel Imaging
  • DNA gels
  • Coomassie blue
  • Protein gels
  • Blue light gels
  • Plant Imaging
  • Fluorescence Imaging
  • Colorimetric Imaging