Biochrom WPA CO 8000 Cell Density Meter

Manufacturer Biochrom Ltd

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The Biochrom WPA CO 8000 is a simple, reliable instrument that measures the density of cells grown in suspension by measuring OD at 600nm.

It is ideal for cells grown in suspension such as yeast and bacterial cultures.


  • Completely portable, this hand-held instrument has a rechargeable battery with a long life enabling it to be taken to where the cell cultures are growing.
  • The CO 8000 can be used in incubation cabinets, under anaerobic conditions or even in a fume hood or safety cabinet.
  • It is easily cleaned and accepts a variety of cuvettes and tubes.
  • Built in memory stores up to 99 sample results for downloading to PC later.
  • The LED source and fibre optics give stable results and require no maintenance or warm up.

Switch it on and you are ready to go.