Biochrom WPA Biowave DNA Life Science spectrophotometer

Manufacturer Biochrom Ltd

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Flexibility, ease of use and low cost of ownership are the key characteristics of these instruments.

The Biowave DNA takes up just 30cm (11") of bench space and still provides the technical performance and on-board analysis capabilities of much larger instruments- without the price tag! With no moving parts and a powerful long life Xenon light source your instrument will continue to perform for many years without maintenance.


  • Dedicated instrument designed for molecular and cell biology laboratories
  • Xenon source for long lamp lifetime
  • Built in methods for DNA, RNA, and Oligonucleotides, including Nucleic acid scans to check sample integrity and purity
  • Low volume capability, 5-7uL with quartz cuvettes and 70µL with disposable cuvettes
  • Protein assays, Direct UV, Biuret, Bradford and Lowry and cell density
  • Absorbance or concentration at any wavelength

With a range of optional accessories you can configure your instrument to collect, analyze and output the data your way. Connect to a PC via USB cable, or choose an integrated printer (option), or use the SD card accessory (option) to print or export data and clone methods to multiple instruments. These high quality instruments come with a standard 2 year instrument warranty and a 3 year lamp warranty.

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