Biochrom Libra S6 Visible Spectrophotometer

Manufacturer Biochrom Ltd

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Easy to use, visible scanning spectrophotometer ideal for QC and routine use in industrial, biotech and educational laboratories.


  • Measures Absorbance, %Transmission, Absorbance ratio and concentration and kinetics
  • Stores up to 99 methods and has a large, backlit graphical display • Connect to PC or chart recorder
  • Easily cleaned and decontaminated
  • Includes Grafico PC software to export results to Excel

Optional Accessories

  • Venturi action funnel flow cell
  • Serial printer and serial printer cable
  • Test tube adapters (10, 12, 16mm)
  • Chart recorder interface cable.

The Biochrom Libra S6H (80-5000-11) has a heated cell holder for measurements at 37°C.

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