Biochrom Libra S4 Visible Spectrophotometer

Manufacturer Biochrom Ltd

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The Biochrom Libra S4 visible spectrophotometer is the ideal instrument for education and QC laboratories.

The instrument is compact, lightweight and ergonomically designed for the simpler applications. There is a large display for ease of reading plus a very simple user interface for rapid set up and analysis. For educational purposes, the user manual includes simple experiments for the determination of max, extinction coefficient and natural bandwidth plus the construction of a standard curve and the measurement of stray light.

The Libra S4 measures Absorbance, % Transmission and concentration as well as being able to output absorbance–time plots directly to chart recorder. The instrument is delivered with Grafico PC utility software package and a serial lead, providing the student with the means to capture, print and interpret a wavelength scan from the instrument on a PC; the data for the scan or other results may be easily exported from Grafico to Excel. Note that Grafico also includes an educational tutorial on UV/Visible spectrophotometry.