Biochrom EZ ThermoShake Shaker Incubator

Manufacturer Biochrom Ltd

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The EZ ThermoShake Shaker Incubator combines a shaker and a constant temperature chamber for heating and shaking of samples in microplates.

The instrument is suitable for biochemistry, microbiology and clinical laboratories in which heat and/or shaking treatment is required.

The EZ ThermoShake can hold up to 4 microplates of standard ANSI SBS dimensions and is fully programmable using the simple user-friendly interface, which provides digital readout of all parameters; RPM (revolutions per minute), temperature, time, and acceleration.

Biochrom EZ ThermoShake Shaker Incubator Features:

  • Incubator range from ambient temperature to 45°C for microplates
  • Accurate temperature control (+/- 1°C) for precise heating
  • Shaking in 3mm orbits from 200rpm to 1300rpm in 10rpm steps
  • Heats up quickly to selected temperature
  • Optional accessory allows for heating of microcentrifuge tubes from ambient temperature to 100°C