Biochrom EZ Read 2000 Microplate Reader

Manufacturer Biochrom Ltd

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EZ Read 2000 is the best choice for laboratories that require a microplate reader that can be used for a range of absorbance applications.

This versatile microplate reader is capable of measuring samples in many different microplate formats: 12-, 24-, 48- and 96-well plates. The EZ Read 2000 uses tuneable wavelength scanning so that any wavelength can be chosen from 340nm up to 800nm. The EZ Read 2000 is PC-controlled using new, intuitive Galapagos software for data acquisition and analysis.

Biochrom EZ Read 2000 Microplate Reader Features:

  • Galapagos for EZ Read Software makes ‘Click and drag’ approach makes usability a key feature.
  • Easy to create new methods.
  • No need for filters! Monochromator optics for measurements from 340 nm to 800 nm enables a wide range of assays to be performed.
  • Automatic calibration of single channel optical system with self-check and for precision measurements.
  • Shaking ensures complete mixing of solutions, cells to stay in suspension and colored solutions to be homogenized.
  • Wavelength scanning for contamination detection, peak absorbance detection and product formation studies.
  • 12-, 24, 48- and 96-well microplates with standard ANSI SBS footprints can be used for flexible applications.
  • Real-time reference measurement channel for the improved accuracy.

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Biochrom EZ Read 2000 Microplate Reader

Manufacturer Biochrom Ltd

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