(disabled) Biochrom Anthos Zenyth 200 Microplate Reader

Manufacturer Biochrom Ltd

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The Biochrom Anthos Zenyth 200 is a high performance Microplate Reader with built in cuvette UV/Vis spectrophotometer

This high performance PC controlled microplate reader has a built-in cuvette UV/Vis spectrophotometer saving valuable bench space. The robust design and flexibility make it an ideal choice for busy laboratories running multiple absorbance applications such as ELISA. All Biochrom Anthos products are designed to give years of reliable results in multi-user laboratories.


• Monochromator optics read at any wavelength 190 - 1000nm in increments of 1nm with no filters needed
• Handles multiple plate formats from cell culture plates (6-48 well) to standard 96 and 384 well plates
• Single, dual, multi wavelength endpoint reading, kinetics, spectral and position scans
• Easy to use and program
• Shaking
• Temperature control (ambient+4° to 45°C)
• Built in Life Science cuvette methods for nucleic acids concentration and purity, proteins and cell count
• ADAP Basic PC software supplied as standard

Optional Accessories
• Software upgrade to ADAP Prisma for advanced data analysis (order code SB035083)

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(disabled) Biochrom Anthos Zenyth 200 Microplate Reader

Manufacturer Biochrom Ltd

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