Biochrom Anthos 2010 Microplate Reader

Manufacturer Biochrom Ltd

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The Biochrom Anthos 2010 Microplate Reader is a great value instrument designed for laboratories requiring a simple basic absorbance reader with PC control as a workhorse.

Robust and accurate for even the most demanding endpoint applications such as ELISA for routine assays in research, quality control and diagnostics. All Biochrom Anthos instruments are designed to give reliable results in busy multi-user laboratories for many years.


  • Single, dual wavelength endpoint and kinetic measurements
  • 8 position filter wheel 4 commonly used filters supplied as standard ( 405nm,450nm,492nm and 620nm)
  • Choice of various software packages to link to PC plate reader
  • ADAP Basic PC software included.
  • Upgrade to Anthos 2010 Plus with ADAP Plus Software (order code GF 17 550 12) .

Optional Accessories

  • Software upgrade to APAP Plus PC software or ADAP Expert.
  • Reader check plate for QC
  • Additional filters available

The Biochrom Anthos 2020 Microplate Reader (order code GF 22 550 11) is a stand alone version of this microplate reader with built in analysis software

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Biochrom Anthos 2010 Microplate Reader

Manufacturer Biochrom Ltd

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