Biochrom 31+ Amino Acid Analyzer Protein Hydrolysate System

Manufacturer Biochrom Ltd

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The Biochrom 31+ Amino Acid Analyzer is used by reference labs, food and feedstuff manufacturers, pharmaceutical and industrial labs worldwide.

It can rapidly deal with complex samples, requiring virtually no sample preparation. The system accurately detects and quantifies amino acids and their derivatives in protein hydrolysates. Applications include: proteomics, drug synthesis, infusion fluids, and quality control off foods, feedstuff and beverages.

The system is based on cation exchange chromatography with a highly specific detection system using post column derivatization with ninhydrin. It can separate amino acids, derivatives and other compounds with superb separation and analysis quality giving precise, unequivocal peak identification and quantification-even for rare and unusual markers.

The Biochrom 31+ offers full automation for the fast and reliable quality/authenticity analysis of generic drugs and infusion fluids to a high standard that satisfies legislation. Long-life columns can tolerate various matrices and a high-salt content in the analysis of infusion liquids and recombinant or synthetic peptides. This makes it a powerful quality-control technique for the analysis of soft drinks and beverages.

Biochrom are experts in Amino Acid Analysis with over 40 years experience. All our systems are backed with expert application knowledge and our commitment to customer support. See our website for a video demonstration.