BioBLU® 0.3 Single-Use Vessels by Eppendorf

Manufacturer Eppendorf

BioBLU® 0.3 Single-Use Vessels by Eppendorf product image
BioBLU® 0.3 Single-Use Vessels
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As the smallest vessel of the Eppendorf single-use bioreactor family the BioBLU 0.3 is ideally suited for use as a scale-down model.

Designed for use with the DASbox Mini Bioreactor System it is able to accelerate process development in biopharmaceutical and biotechnological applications using cell cultures and microorganisms.

All critical process parameters can be precisely controlled and users benefit from easy handling, minimized set-up time and the elimination of cleaning and sterilization steps. The unique liquid-free exhaust gas condenser reduces negative effects caused by change of medium osmolarity and efficiently prevents blocking of the exhaust gas filter.

BioBLU® 0.3 Single-Use Vessels Features:

  • Fully instrumented single-use mini bioreactors for accelerated process development in cell culture and microbial applications.
  • Excellent scalability and reproducibility.
  • Small working volumes starting at 65 mL save on cell material, media and supplements.
  • Used with the DASbox mini bioreactor system for parallel set-up of 4, 8, 12 or more bioreactors.
  • Liquid-free exhaust condenser with easy handling by automatic click in activation and click out deactivation mode.
  • Magnet-coupled overhead drive reduces the risk of contamination, up- or downflow.
  • Headplate with 2x PG 13.5 ports, 4x integrated long dip tubes, 2x integrated short dip tubes, one thermowell, DO sensor port with permeable membrane.
  • Operating with industry standard probes for precise measurement and control of temperature, pH, DO.
  • Vessels are delivered pre-sterilized by ß-irradiation to dose exceeding 15 kGy (DIN EN ISO 11137-2:2007).
  • All wetted materials are USP Class VI certified.


  • Process development in cell culture and microbiology
  • Design of Experiments (DoE)
  • Media optimization
  • Clone & cell line screening, strain characterization

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BioBLU® 0.3 Single-Use Vessels by Eppendorf product image

BioBLU® 0.3 Single-Use Vessels

Manufacturer Eppendorf

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