BioBasic SEC (Size Exclusion) Columns

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o   Improved reproducibility, efficiency and column lifetimes
o   Range of stationary phases to optimize selectivity
o   Powerful resolution, even on short column lengths

Product detail:

BioBasic SEC columns are available in four pore sizes (60, 120, 300 and 1000Å) to cater for separations of samples from 100 to 10,000,000 molecular weight.  The columns are based on porous silica particles coated with with a hydrophillic polymer for superior column lifetimes. They give superior resolution with 100% aqueous or organic eluents, and do not swell or shrink with changes in solvent, showing higher peak capacityies than polymer-based SEC columns.  The polymer coating eliminates secondary interactions so that samples are separated based stricly on their size in solution. 
BioBasic SEC columns are ideal for high efficiency gel filtration separation of proteins and other biological molecules where the absence of secondary interactions such as adsorption, is essential for accurate analysis.

The columns are offered in a standard 300 x 7.8mm size, and also 150 x 7.8mm for faster separations, as well as a 30mm length guard column to maximize column lifetimes.

Column Pore Size (Å) Molecular Weight (kDaltons) Proteins Pullalans Polyethylene Oxides/Glycols BioBasic SEC 60 60 0.1 - 6 0.3 - 6 0.1 - 4 BioBasic SEC120 120 0.1 - 50 0.3 - 12 0.4 - 10 BioBasic SEC 300 300 1 - 500 1 - 100 2 - 100 BioBasic SEC 1000 1000 20 - 4000 20 - >1000 not recommended