Bio-Plex® Suspension Array System by Bio-Rad

Manufacturer Bio-Rad

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Bio-Plex® Suspension Array System
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The Bio-Plex Suspension Array System is a flexible, easy-to-use multiplex analysis system based on Luminex xMAP® microspheres and flow cytometry array technology that allows the simultaneous analysis of up to 100 different bio-molecules (proteins, peptides, or nucleic acids) in a single microplate well.

Dramatically increase the amount of useful data from rare or volume-limited samples such as mouse or rat serum, and decipher complex interrelationships among proteins involved in, for example, cell signaling and transduction pathways.

Major Applications Include
• Cytokine profiling
• Phosphoprotein detection
• Isotyping
• Measurement of biomarkers in disease conditions such as diabetes, acute phase response and angiogenesis

Can’t see the combination of biomarkers you want? Format your own custom assay with our on-line Assay Builder and Bio-Rad will make it for you.

Most Bio-Plex assays are available in magnetic bead format for easier processing and more reproducible results in both magnetic and vacuum workflows with our Bio-Plex Pro Wash Stations. Processing all this data requires a powerful software package so Bio-Plex systems are supplied as standard with Bio-Plex Manager for system control, data acquisition, processing and visualization. Integrated calibration and validation tools ensure optimal performance and allow your compliance with 21CFR if required.

The performance of your iMark Microplate Reader can also be validated and recorded with the optional Checkmark™ Reader Performance Verification Kit (168-1940) for IQ/OQ and GLP compliance.

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Bio-Plex® Suspension Array System by Bio-Rad product image

Bio-Plex® Suspension Array System

Manufacturer Bio-Rad

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