Bio-Plex® MAGPIX™ Multiplex Reader (171-015001)

Bio-Plex® MAGPIX™ Multiplex Reader (171-015001)
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The Bio-Plex MAGPIX multiplex reader is a compact, robust system for magnetic bead–based immunoassays. This multiplex reader is capable of reading assays designed on magnetic xMAP (MagPlex) beads, more

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Lynda Giles


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Member since 2013

University of Birmingham
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  • 5 out of 5EASE OF USE
  • 5 out of 5VALUE FOR MONEY

Review date: 07 Nov 2013

Application Area: Urinary Light Chains In Myeloma Patients
Bio-Plex® MAGPIX™ Multiplex Reader (171-015001)

"Has the ability to assay an impressive 83 samples per run. It also makes it super easy to check QC. Finally, as it plots the calibration curves this allows the user to assess the run readily."

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Fatima Aerts Kaya


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Member since 2013

Hacettepe University Center for Stem Cell Research and Development
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  • 4 out of 5EASE OF USE
  • 4 out of 5VALUE FOR MONEY

Review date: 05 Aug 2013

Application Area: analysis of bone marrow plasma samples
Bio-Plex® MAGPIX™ Multiplex Reader (171-015001)

"We ordered the 21-plex M50-00031YV and 27-plex cytokine M50-0KCAF0Y arrays to assess levels of cytokines in human bone marrow plasma samples. We found the procedure in general easy to follow. However, during the analysis we found that despite the fact that the premixed combinations of cytokines were all pipetted at once, some of the cytokine control curves did not look well. As a result some of the cytokines could not be analysed, whereas other cytokines from the same wells and the same procedure did not encounter any problems. Since apparently all the pipetting and washing procedures went well, we firmly believe a technical error during manufacturing (or premixing of the cytokines) may have resulted in these results. From the in total 48 analysed cytokines, we encountered problems only with the following 6 cytokines: Eotaxin, IL-13, IL-15, IL-2, IL-7 and SDF-1a. All other cytokines were read and analysed appropriately."



The Bio-Plex MAGPIX multiplex reader is a compact, robust system for magnetic bead–based immunoassays. This multiplex reader is capable of reading assays designed on magnetic xMAP (MagPlex) beads, compatible with Bio-Plex Pro™ magnetic assays.

Developed with everyday research laboratories in mind, the new Bio-Plex MAGPIX system brings the savings and efficiency of multiplexed assays to every lab. This instrument is portable and features an elegant benchtop design. It is user installed and maintained, making Luminex xMAP technology accessible to all researchers. The Bio-Plex MAGPIX system is ideal for immunoassays and a host of other protein and nucleic acid-based applications.

Bio-Plex assays save sample and money in addition to generating an exceptional amount of data in a shot amount oftime when compared to traditional imunnoassay methods. The Bio-Plex MAGPIX system allows you to seamlessly transition to xMAP technology and take advanage of the magnetic bead-based workflow.

Bio-Plex® MAGPIX™ Multiplex Reader Features:

  • Get more data by reading up to 50 analytes per sample
  • Simple and convenient ELISA-like workflow
  • Benefit from sample and cost savings with Bio-Plex Pro magnetic bead–based assays in single or multiplex format
  • Provide improved multiplex productivity and convenience with magnetic bead–based assays
  • Save bench space with a compact footprint
  • Conserve precious resources with an affordable low maintenance system
  • Obtain the same quality results achieved on the Bio-Plex® 200 or Bio-Plex 3D systems


  • Detection and resolution of performance issues ensures data quality
  • Confidence in proper instrument maintenance leads to confidence in results
  • Highest quality results maximize the value of your experiments
  • Simple integration with Bio-Plex analysis software to quickly assemble and understand your data
  • Simple interface and built-in guidance enable a user of any experience level to easily run the Bio-Plex MAGPIX multiplex reader


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