Bio-containment For Robotics Systems by Bigneat Ltd

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Bio-containment For Robotics Systems

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BIGNEAT manufactures enclosures for containment of robotics systems, for OPERATOR protection (LAOP) or PRODUCT protection (LAPP).

For bio-hazard and bio-protection we offer several cabinet types. LABS cabinets offer both OPERATOR and PRODUCT protection at levels of sterility and protection for most drug discovery applications. For more sensitive, or more hazardous applications Bigneat manufactures cabinets to Class II design, providing protection to the essential requirements of BS EN12469:2000. 

The need for these types of enclosure is increasing because of the demand in the Pharmaceutical industry for rapid throughput and reliability of biologically sensitive processes and associated bio-hazards - Bigneat is Europe's Number 1 supplier of Robotics and Laboratory Automation enclosures.

Typical applications include for cell culture, cell screening, drug discovery, gene assays, high-throughput screening, rapid microbiological detection systems.

Special features of Biological Cabinets:

  • Ducted or recirculatory filtration models available
  • Excellent access for maintenance and servicing
  • Emergency stop control
  • Lighting and UV lamps included


  • Electrical sockets
  • Used tips chute
  • Leaded acrylic for radiochemistry applications