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Bile Acids

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Bile Acids is a highly sensitive marker of liver function detecting changes before clinical symptoms have time to develop. The Randox bile acids test enables early confirmation of liver disease and allows treatment to be prescribed before extensive or permanent damage occurs. Several studies even suggested bile acids as a more valuable marker of liver function compared to ALT and AST. The Randox 5th generation bile acids assay is based on an enzymatic method providing superior performance in addition to increased accuracy and specificity. The assay incorporates an advanced enzyme cycling method which not only amplifies the signal produced but improves sensitivity and precision whilst reducing interference from haemolytic and lipaemic samples.

• Superior methodology
• Liquid stable reagents for ease of use and convenience
• Unrivalled stability – reagents stable to expiry date at +2-8oC
• Suitable for use with both serum and plasma samples
• Limited interference from Haemoglobin, Triglycerides, Intralipid, Free Bilirubin or Conjugated Bilirubin
• Dedicated reagent packs available for Hitachi systems
• Fully automated applications available for a wide range of chemistry analysers

Bile acids is particularly useful in veterinary medicine where other markers correlate poorly with liver disease and tend to return to normal before liver function does. Bile acids is also the most sensitive marker available for the diagnosis of Obstetric Cholestasis in pregnant women.