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Review date: 19 Nov 2002 | BIACORE Q
Biacore Q is a biosensor-based system dedicated to qualitative and quantitative determination of analytes in food products.

For efficient and reliable food analysis. For companies and laboratories, research institutions that are working with food related products. When you are looking for automation to handle increasing numbers of samples. When you need an analytical system that will help to ensure that quality and safety of food products. When you are interested in a technique that gives excellent reproducibility and reliability of results.

BIACORE Q Features:

  • Biacore Q is used with Qflex Kits for qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Minimal sample preparation - simple pre-treatment, no labeling or tagging required
  • Unattended multi-sample analysis – full automation from sample injection through to data analysis and report generation
  • Simple operation – wizard driven functionality supports assay development, optimization and routine testing
  • Same day results – samples analyzed within minutes
  • Minimal re-testing – consistent results
  • Single platform for many different assays – easily switch between different Qflex Kits or create your own assays