BI-2000: Ultra Sensitive SPR Instrument by Biosensing Instrument

BI-2000: Ultra Sensitive SPR Instrument by Biosensing Instrument product image
BI-2000: Ultra Sensitive SPR Instrument
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High Performance Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) Instrument

The BI-2000 SPR instrument produces superior, high-quality data at a completely affordable price. BI-SPR technology utilizes a unique detection technology that delivers high sensitivity and fast response times with superior versatility in a broad range of research applications.

Our innovative use of interchangeable analysis modules is specially developed to fulfill a broad spectrum of applications ranging from life science to electrochemistry research. The Flow Injection Analysis Module is ideal for studying protein/DNA/drug interactions, DNA sequencing, ligand/receptor recognition, and drug development interactions. Additionally, the Electrochemical and EC-DualFlowTM Analysis Modules can be easily implemented (not included with the system) for electrochemical SPR applications, allowing for anodic stripping analyses and studies on electropolymerization, electrodeposition, redox-related conformational change, and much more.

BI-SPR technology can also expand research capabilities by aiding in the development of new high-performance SPR and coupled SPR techniques.