BH-DIG series DigiBloc Blockheater by Nickel-Electro Ltd

Manufacturer Nickel-Electro Ltd

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BH-DIG series DigiBloc Blockheater

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Digibloc provides a safe, dry and consistent method of heating using accessory aluminium heating blocks with excellent thermal conductivity. The microprocessor controller has the facility to retain a user adjustable, independent time and temperature combination making it ideally suited for variety of purposes including heating tubes, micro tubes or bottles, which demands repeatability.

The unit consists of a low profile durable corrosion resistant stainless steel case with chemical resistant wipe clean sloping control panel with touch buttons to enter temperature and time values. Indicators show heating, alarm, time and set point modes in use. Supplied with Bloc extraction tool as standard for the safe removal of blocks even when hot and filled with tubes.

Control options

* Temperature control only
* Temperature and time
* Process - two temperature set points

Temperature control - accurately controlled and set values reproduce able every time using advanced PID control.

* Time or temperature display
* Temperature control features constant running "Adaptive tuning" and the New feature "Clifton Optimization Control" mode to further refine PID values in unstable conditions.
* Features menu driven data entry
* Clearly visible LED display suiting all lighting conditions
* Display resolution digital LED/0.1°C
* Temperature range ambient +5°C - 150°C
* Sensitivity in block ±0.1°C @ 37°C
* Uniformity in block ±0.1°C @ 37°C
* Uniformity across 2 blocks ±0.2°C @ 37°C
* Over temperature alarm automatically set +4°C

Clearly visible bright status indicators

* Indication of heating, over temperature alarm, timer and setting set points.


* New low mass heating area providing fast and responsive block heating, 100°C take just 8 minutes.

Remote measurement

* An accessory probe can be plugged into rear for 'in block' measurement of its actual temperature and controlling set point. The PID temperature controller learns and manages the mass, its heating rate and temperature rise to minimize overshoot achieving set temperature. Once plugged in the accessory probe automatically overrides the internal sensor.
* Corrosion resistant stainless steel probe
* Where 'remote temperature measurement' is required we recommend ordering the accessory EP-1 Probe.

Process Timer for accurately timed incubation

* Display resolution 1 minute
* Setting variable 0 - 999 minutes
* Time cycle - activated @ set point 2
* Cycle end with audible buzzer and "end" message

Models available in the range

BH-1/DIG Blockheater - DigiBloc

Comprehensive range of Accessories

DBK-0.2 0.2ml micro tube x 54 hole Bloc or 6 x 8 PCR strips (two blocs can fitted in heating well)
DBK-0.5 0.5ml micro tube x 16 hole Bloc (two blocs can fitted in heating well)
DBK-1.5 1.5ml micro tube x 12 hole Bloc (two blocs can fitted in heating well)
DBK-2.0 2.0ml micro tube x 16 hole Bloc (two blocs can fitted in heating well)
DBK-0 Plain Bloc
DBK-10 10mm x 32 Hole Bloc
DBK-12 12mm x 32 Hole Bloc
DBK-13 13mm x 32 Hole Bloc
DBK-16 16mm x 18 Hole Bloc
DBK-19 19mm x 10 Hole Bloc
DBK-25 25mm x 10 Hole Bloc
DBK-50 50mm x 8 Hole Bloc
BHL-1 Lid
EP-2 External probe
CAL Calibration Record