BSB-939-IR Subboiling System by Berghof Products + Instruments GmbH

BSB-939-IR Subboiling System by Berghof Products + Instruments GmbH product image
BSB-939-IR Subboiling System

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High-Purity Acids, Always Fresh Thanks to Subboiling

As rule, chemical prices increase exponentially as the chemical’s purity increases. Therefore, even where annual consumption is apparently minimal, high-purity acids can quickly become a significant cost factor for trace analysis laboratories. These costs can be avoided by the employment of a subboiling apparatus to produce high-purity acids from more economical pu-rity grades. The BERGHOF BSB-939-IR subboiling system is characterized, in particular, by the fact that all surfaces which come into contact with the media are manufactured from fluoropolymers, thus making the apparatus suitable for the purification of hydrofluoric acids, alongside hydrochloric and nitric acid. For the user, the acids are always fresh and have the desired degree of purity. Contaminated acids no longer need to be disposed of, but can sim-ply be purified again.

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