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BenchTOF-dx is a bench-top time-of-flight (TOF) mass spectrometer designed specifically for gas chromatography (GC). It stands apart from quadrupole and accurate-mass TOF instruments by providing a unique combination of five key elements – sensitivity, stability, selectivity, spectral quality and speed. Together, these deliver ‘high-definition’ mass spectrometry for every GC application.

BenchTOF-dx is ideal for GC/MS analysts needing a robust mass spectrometer for routine screening of challenging analytes in complex matrices, or for research-level work. The speed of data acquisition also makes it suitable for GC×GC and ‘fast GC’ techniques.

The ‘high-definition’ blend of attributes employed by BenchTOF-dx gives clarity to any analysis. BenchTOF-dx provides outstanding results for trace-level targets and unknowns, by using a combination of high sensitivity and sub-unit mass resolution to eliminate interferences.

Compound identification is greatly simplified by the production of reference-quality ‘classical’ EI spectra. The need for calibration and routine maintenance of BenchTOF-dx is minimised by its rugged design, while laborious sample preparation techniques are rendered unnecessary by its ability to handle ‘dirty’ samples. It is the combination of these elements that classes BenchTOF-dx as a ‘high-definition’ mass spectrometer, and makes it a ground-breaking mass spectrometer for GC/MS.