Benchmark Microplate Reader by Bio-Rad

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Benchmark Microplate Reader

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The Benchmark microplate reader continues Bio-Rad's tradition of providing high performance at economical prices. With its increased wavelength range of 340 to 750 nm and high-performance optics, the Benchmark offers the flexibility for specialized applications requiring increased linearity, UV, or higher absorbance readings.

Flexibility for Diverse Applications

The multifunctionality of the Benchmark microplate reader makes it ideal for laboratories with a wide range of analysis needs. The features which provide this flexibility include

  • Fast read times for quick kinetic reads, essential to monitor enzymatic cascade reactions
  • UV capability to perform turbidimetric studies
  • A built-in incubator that can be controlled from the instrument or through remote Microplate Manager software
  • Powerful onboard software to collect data, analyze results, and produce reports
  • Plate shaking to ensure sample homogeneity
  • Unique ability to operate as a stand-alone unit or in conjunction with Bio-Rad's computer-controlled data analysis programs
  • Small footprint to minimize benchspace requirements
  • Superior Performance

    The Benchmark optical system consists of a multichannel fiber-optic array to provide fast, reliable measurements. Features of this system include

  • Linearity, accuracy, and precision specifications to 4.0 O.D., the only microplate reader with such high performance
  • Single- and dual-wavelength read times of 7 and 15 seconds respectively
  • Autocalibration before each reading to minimize drift and channel-to-channel variation in the detection system
  • Incubator temperature accuracy of 0.5 °C, with a design that eliminates edge effect, condensation, and sample evaporation
  • Custom interference filters for any wavelength between 340 and 750 nm
  • Onboard Data Analysis

    The Benchmark microplate reader features onboard software to maximize instrument flexibility as a stand-alone unit.

  • Memory to store up to 10 sets of plate data
  • Create and save up to nine custom plate formats and recall them at will
  • Data analysis capability to produce up to six comprehensive reports: Raw Data, Absorbance, Matrix, Limit, Cutoff, and Concentration
  • All reports can be automatically printed on an onboard thermal printer
  • The Benchmark microplate reader's superior performance yields reportable specifications to 4.0 O.D. Other readers must use extrapolation for values above 3.2 O.D. The Benchmark microplate reader is truly the benchmark in microplate analysis.

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    Benchmark Microplate Reader by Bio-Rad product image

    Benchmark Microplate Reader

    Manufacturer Bio-Rad

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