BellBrook Microconduit Array iuvo plates

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Thermo Fisher Scientific

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The BellBrook Microconduit Array iuvo plates enable you to use highly-miniaturized, complex cellular assays with automated liquid handling and HCA platforms, with the goal of more accurate replication of in vivo processes in drug discovery. Instead of the "buckets" of various sizes used for cell culture in multiwell plates, iuvo plates have cell culture compartments with geometries designed specifically to support the biology and/or functions of interest. The iuvo Chemotaxis Assay Plates allows a chemical gradient to form at one end of the microchannel and remain stable for several hours. Microscopic imaging of cell movement into the gradient region provides quantitative data on the number of cells migrating and distance traveled. The iuvo Microchannel 5250 plate is designed for 2D or 3D cell cultures. The unique low volume microchannel design enables assay miniaturization, while the patented passive pumping technology allows multiple cycles of fluid exchange for medium replacement of immunocytochemistry protocols.

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BellBrook Microconduit Array iuvo plates

Manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientific

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