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Review date: 09 Apr 2009 | BeadXpress Reader
The BeadXpress Reader is a high-throughput, dual-color laser detection system that enables scanning of a broad range of multiplexed assays developed using the VeraCode digital microbead technology. The flexibility of the BeadXpress Reader makes it a technology solution that grows with customers needs and remains relevant during dynamic changes in research pursuits.

The BeadXpress Reader System supports:
•Expression analysis
•Methylation profiling
•Protein analysis

Key features include:
•Wide multiplexing capability
•Outstanding data quality
•Assay versatility
•Dual-color detection

This instrument scans the unique VeraCode microbeads for their code and fluorescent signals, generating highly robust data quickly and efficiently. The BeadXpress System is flexible in analyzing multiplex nucleic acid and protein-based applications.