BD LSRFortessa™ Cell Analyzer by BD Biosciences

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BD LSRFortessa™ Cell Analyzer

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Rating: 4.0

"Minimal maintenance and quick to carry out. Requires manual troubleshooting rather than software driven (e.g. blockage, removal of bubbles etc.). Analyzer not interfaced with software. Allows manual operation of flow rate. Quick engineer response."

Review date: 21 Oct 2011 | BD LSRFortessa™ Cell Analyzer
The special order BD LSRFortessa™ cell analyzer puts the power of the proven BD LSR platform into a compact footprint.

Approximately half the size of the BD™ LSR II, it can easily fit on the benchtop for cost effective space utilization. This space efficiency allows for placement of the special order BD LSRFortessa analyzer in labs with limited space or where space cost is premium, for example, in a lab located in a dense urban setting or in a biocontainment facility. 

From a wide range of choices, researchers can configure the special order BD LSRFortessa analyzer to meet their exact assay requirements. A selection of five lasers from more than 11 wavelengths, 30 positional choices for the detectors, and multiple power options are available. The special order BD LSRFortessa analyzer can detect up to 18 colors simultaneously and can be upgraded later with additional or new lasers from BD, as future requirements dictate.

In addition to the reduced size, design enhancements allow for easier access to bandpass filters and mirrors, simplifying changes to experiment setup.