BD CARV II™ Confocal Imager

Manufacturer BD Biosciences

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Full-spectrum confocal microscopy that is affordable and easy to use. Plus, it fits your existing inverted micrcoscope

The BD CARV II™ Confocal Imager delivers high resolution CCD confocal imaging in an easy to use and cost effective optical package that fits on your existing microscope. High speed multi-point confocal scanning, combined with high quantum efficiency CCD cameras, minimizes photobleaching and allows real-time imaging and recording at up to 100 fps. A long life arc source coupled to the instrument via an alignment free light guide allows for full spectrum (360nm - 700nm) confocal imaging of virtually any fluorescent probe. Automation of internal multi-position excitation, dichroic and emission filter wheels permits fast multi-dimensional imaging of up to five or more fluorescent probes in the same sample.

The BD CARV II™ Confocal Imager also offers automation of fluorescence recovery after photobleaching (FRAP). The system can be used with application specific CCD cameras together with a variety of commercially available imaging software packages.

BD CARV II™ offers:

  • Multipoint confocal scanning
  • Direct viewing and imaging of confocal and wide field
  • Full spectrum confocal
  • Automated filter selection
  • Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching ( FRAP) capabilities
  • Microscope compatibility
  • Application specific cameras
  • 3D Software Options