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Bath Armor
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A Bead Bath performs all the essentials, including warming, thawing, incubating, chilling and does it while maintaining an constant temperature just like a water bath.

It is known that MICROBES thrive in water, yet water is ever-present in laboratories, healthcare facilities, and production and manufacturing clean-room facilities. Water and ice enter the workspace through various distribution systems and are a component of many instruments. Water carrying unknown biological and chemical contaminants can put your work at risk and create a complex, unpredictable work environment. 

Bead Baths keep things dry. By replacing water baths, Bead Baths ensure that your incubating samples are protected from water-borne contamination, which can result in distorted data and nonreproducible results. Open sources of water in the lab put you and the lab at risk of incubating and spreading biological or chemical contaminantion between samples, equipment, and people.

It performs a few additional things too.

Always on.
A Bead Bath makes using the bath easy. The bath always stays on, so you don't have to plan around warmup times. You don't need to worry about burnout either because there is no water to evaporate.

Stays organized.
Unlike water baths that require racks, floats, and bottleneck weights, a Bead Bath naturally holds things in place without acessories. So no more floating accidents. Really.

Stays clean and filled.
Water baths must be routinely monitored, cleaned, and maintained. While its a good idea to keep an eye on the Bead Bath, it really doesn't need too much attention. A bi-weekly or monthly spritz of a biodegradable disinfectant is usually sufficient.

Better temperature flexibility.
Many heating applications require boiling water baths or high temperatures oil baths. Since Bead Baths won't boil off like water, or pose any danger of combustion like oil, they are ideal for most 100 ºto 400 ºC applications.

Any type vessel.
By design, the types and kinds of vessels that can be used in Bead Baths aren’t limited water-tight containers. So you can safely incubate multiwell plates and petri dishes — or thaw prescious samples — without fear of water wicking under their lids. And vessels can be set into the beads at any angle for better thermal optimization.

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Bath Armor by Lab Armor product image

Bath Armor

Manufacturer Lab Armor

4.7 / 5.0 | 1 reviews