Barrier/Filter tips by WHEATON

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Barrier/Filter tips
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Certified DNAse, RNAse, Pyrogen and DNA/RNA free pipettor tips with filter to prevent pipettor contamination.

Barrier/Filter tips Benefits:

  • High Quality, Neptune™ brand barrier pipette tips.
  • S3 Low Retention Polymer eliminates virtually all sample hold up for accurate sample delivery
  • Tested and certified to conform to 4 bio-load specifications (DNA/RNA, Endonuclease, PCR inhibitor and Endotoxin free)
  • Racked and pre-sterilised
  • Exclusive Neptune™ dispenser box for easy access to tip trays
  • Environmentally Sensitive Packaging (ESP) refill packs
  • Sizes from 10µl to 1ml

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