Axoclamp 900A computer-controlled current & voltage clamp

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Computer-controlled microelectrode current-clamp and voltage-clamp amplifier, useful for a wide range of intracellular microelectrode recording techniques with several modes of operation: two independent current clamp amplifiers with bridge balance, two-electrode voltage clamp, discontinuous current clamp, discontinuous single-electrode voltage clamp, and high-voltage current clamp. Axoclamp 900A is shipped with the following,

o Axoclamp 900A amplifier
o US Power cord (Part number 1-3010-0011)
o European power cord, CEE7/7 (Part number 1-3010-0013)
o Accessory kit (Part number 1-2050-0104) containing: two Baseplates for attaching headstages to manipulator (Part number 1-5200-0100), two Electrode Holders (Part number 1-HL-U), two USB 2.0 Cable A to B (Part number 1-2100-0926), Axoclamp 900A Commander software CDROM (Part number 1-2700-0153), Clamp-1U Model Cell (1-CLAMP-1U), two 1 mm pins (Part number (1-3235-0013) and manual (Part number 1-2500-0172)

Requires the purchase of any two HS-9A headstages
o HS-9A x0.1U headstage (standard) (Part number 1-2950-0359)
o HS-9A xU headstage (standard) (Part number 1-2950-0360)
o HS-9A x10U headstage (Part number 1-2950-0361)
Optional headstages:
o VG-9A x10 headstage (Part number 1-2950-0362)
o VG-9A x100 headstage (Part number 1-2950-0363)

Optional Accessories:
o MCO-2U Oocyte Model Cell (Part number 1-MCO-2U)
o Softpanel (USB) Remote Control Unit (Part number 1-Softpanel (USB)
o Adapter cable for HS-2/4 and VG-2 headstages (Part number 1-2100-0934)

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Axoclamp 900A computer-controlled current & voltage clamp

Manufacturer AutoMate Scientific Inc.

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