Axios by PANalytical Inc.

Manufacturer PANalytical Inc.

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The low-power wavelength dispersive XRF spectrometer

The Axios is a low-power (1 kW) wavelength dispersive XRF (WDXRF) spectrometer built on the proven and robust Axios instrument platform. It is designed for entry level applications where the precision of WDXRF is needed but sample throughput is low.

The Axios offers the convenience of an internal cooling system that removes the requirement of an external chiller needed for higher power systems. Designed with customers’ needs in mind, the system is engineered to be extremely quiet, dust resistant and thermally stable despite the air cooling of the tube and cabinet.

Incorporating proven SST tube technology the system is capable of achieving an output of 20-60 kV and 10-50 mA making it the highest performance 1 kW spectrometer available. Able to achieve the same accuracy and precision of higher power spectrometers, the Axios 1 kW system is an ideal choice for customers requiring high performance and who do not want the inconvenience of a water chiller.